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Janus, S. I. M., Vink, A. C., Ridder, H. M., Geretsegger, M., Stige, B., Gold, C., & Zuidema, S. U. (2020).
Developing consensus description of group music therapy characteristics for persons with dementia.
Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, 30(1), 24-40. > link     OPEN ACCESS

Baker, F. A., Stretton-Smith, P., Sousa, T. V., Clark, I., Cotton, A., Gold, C., & Lee, Y. C. (2020).
Resource assessment in trials undertaken in residential care homes: Experiences from the Australian MIDDEL cluster randomised controlled trial research team.
Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, 20, 100675. > link     OPEN ACCESS



Gold, C. , Eickholt, J. , Assmus, J. , Stige, B. , Wake, J. D. , Baker, F. A. , Tamplin, J. , Clark, I. , Lee, Y. E. C. , Jacobsen, S. L. , Ridder, H. M. O. , Kreutz, G. , Muthesius, D. , Wosch, T. , Ceccato, E. , Raglio, A. , Ruggeri, M. , Vink, A. , Zuidema, S. , Odell-Miller, H. , & Geretsegger, M. (2019).
Music Interventions for Dementia and Depression in ELderly care (MIDDEL): Protocol and statistical analysis plan for a multinational cluster-randomised trial.
BMJ Open, 9(3), e023436. > link     OPEN ACCESS

Baker, F. , Tamplin, J. , Clark, I. N. , Lee, Y. C. , Geretsegger, M. , & Gold, C. (2019).
Treatment fidelity in a music therapy multi-site cluster randomized controlled trial for people living with dementia: The MIDDEL project intervention fidelity protocol.
Journal of Music Therapy, 56(2), 125–148. > link


Further relevant literature by project partners


Uçaner Çifdalöz, B. (2020).
Music therapy in Turkey: Historical background and current perspectives on dementia and end-of-life care.
Approaches: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Music Therapy, 1-9. > link     OPEN ACCESS