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Schneider, J., Ablewhite, J., Bloska, J., Gold, C., Orrell, M., Dowson, B., McArdle, C., Tooth, H., Trevers, S., Narippatta, S.M., Fan, Y., Wake, J.D., Peach, A., Duckworth, B., & Sveinsdottir, V. (2024).
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Journal of Long-Term Care, pp. 252–262. > link       OPEN ACCESS


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The Lancet Healthy Longevity, 3(3), e153-e165. > link       OPEN ACCESS

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Australasian Journal of Ageing, 1-10. > link     OPEN ACCESS

Lee, Y.-E. C., Stretton-Smith, P. A., Tamplin, J., Sousa, T. V., & Baker, F. A. (2022). 
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International Journal of Older People Nursing, 17, e12445. > link

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Brain Sciences, 12(4), 485. > link     OPEN ACCESS


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Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, 30(1), 24-40. > link     OPEN ACCESS


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Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications, 20, 100675. > link     OPEN ACCESS


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Journal of Music Therapy, 56(2), 125–148. > link



Gold, C. , Eickholt, J. , Assmus, J. , Stige, B. , Wake, J. D. , Baker, F. A. , Tamplin, J. , Clark, I. , Lee, Y. E. C. , Jacobsen, S. L. , Ridder, H. M. O. , Kreutz, G. , Muthesius, D. , Wosch, T. , Ceccato, E. , Raglio, A. , Ruggeri, M. , Vink, A. , Zuidema, S. , Odell-Miller, H. , & Geretsegger, M. (2019).
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BMJ Open, 9(3), e023436. > link     OPEN ACCESS

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Uçaner Çifdalöz, B. (2020).
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Approaches: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Music Therapy, 1-9. > link     OPEN ACCESS