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MIDDEL in Germany is hosted by the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg.

Work packages:

The German MIDDEL team are responsible for work package 3: RCS (recreational choir singing) consensus.

Team in Germany:

Gunter Kreutz | PI in German team
Professor of musicology, specific interest in wellbeing and health. He has led studies on psychophysiological and socio-emotional responses to singing in amateur choristers; co-edited a seminal volume to open the field of music, health, and wellbeing; and is currently associate of the Canadian "Singwell" project on social benefits of singing in older adults.

Antje Timmer 
Professor of epidemiology and biometry at the Department of Health Services Research of UOld.

Johanna Neuser | Study coordinator

Angelika Hensel
responsible for all data-related issues (transfer, data flows, plausi-questions etc.), and helps with adaptation of the central data security concept to the form required by the UOld data security officer

Ulrike Frischen | PhD student